Essential Oils

Definition & Benefits of Essential Oils:

Essential oils or Ethereal Oils are natural extracts obtained from plants using steam distillation. The method involves passing steam through plant material to extract the oils, which are then condensed back into liquid form. Steam distillation preserves the purity and medicinal properties of essential oils without the need for harsh chemicals.

This gentle process ensures that the oils retain their natural essence, making them highly effective for aromatherapy, skincare, and medicinal applications. Additionally, steam distillation is eco-friendly and safe, making it the ideal process for obtaining high-quality essential oils.

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Artemisia Annua

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The Process of Making Essential Oils

The art of making essential oils is a meticulous and very ancient process that goes from the seedling to the distillation of plants to extract their medicinal compounds in the purest possible way. Here is a brief explanation of how I’m Immortelle Essential Oils are made in the sunny fields of Bosnia & Herzegovina.


The journey starts with the selection of the finest seeds, which are germinated under controlled environments to ensure the growth of vigorous seedlings. This stage is crucial, particularly for plants like Immortelle, as the vitality of the seedlings directly influences the quality and medicinal compounds of the essential oil produced.

Soil Preparation

This step is crucial and it’s what differentiate us from other essential oils producers around the world. In the fields surrounding our distillery in Bosnia & Herzegovina, we carefully break the limestone rock to create monticules. These rock formations play a pivotal role in our cultivation process, serving not only as a natural reservoir for moisture and nutrients but also significantly enhancing the mineral content available to our plants. This distinctive method of preparing the soil by incorporating monticules of rocks ensures that our plants are nurtured in an environment that is rich in minerals. This exceptional nurturing process given by our calcareous soil contributes to the unique quality and therapeutic properties of our essential oils, making them unique and truly powerful.

Testing, Certification & Bottling

Rigorous testing for purity and potency is conducted before the essential oils are bottled. This ensures that only the highest quality certified product reaches our customers, embodying the unique essence of our Balkan lands and therapeutic benefits of the plant.

Our step-by-step holistic process and our engineers Nikola and Stjipe (experts in growing and distilling essential oils for more than 30 years) combine tradition with science to capture the essence of our plants. Each bottle of our essential oil contains nature’s gifts ready to be used in our daily lives.


With the seedlings ready and the soil meticulously prepared, we transplant the young plants into their natural habitat among the monticules. This careful transplantation process ensures minimal stress on the plants, promoting healthy adaptation and growth in their unique growing conditions.


Our cultivation practices are designed to optimize the growth and aromatic potency of our plants. Through vigilant care and sustainable farming practices, we ensure that each plant reaches its full potential, contributing to the high quality of our essential oils. No air pollution, no water pollution and no light pollution make our plants happy and healthy.


The harvest is timed to perfection, capturing the essence of the plant when its compounds are peaking. This careful timing ensures the highest potency and aromatic quality of the essential oils.

Steam Distillation

Using steam distillation, we gently extract the essential oils, preserving the integrity of the aromatic and medicinal compounds. This involves passing steam through the harvested plant material to vaporize the oil, which is then condensed back into its liquid form. This method ensures that the essence of the plant is captured in its purest form. We do not use any additives in this process. In fact, this method is so ancient that it does not have a patent.

How to Use Organic & Certified Essential Oils

Topical use: To use essential oils effectively you should integrate it into your daily skincare routine. Apply the essential oil directly on the affected are or by diluting it with a carrier vegetable oil (such as Jojoba or Rosehip). 

Aromatherapy: Essential oils can provide instant emotional relief or an energy boost, depending on the oil and its properties. Using essential oils in a diffuser to fill your space with therapeutic scents will have a positive effect on everyone in the room. Also, warming up a drop of essential oil between your hands and taking a deep inhalation will do the trick!

Internal use: Some organic certified essential oils can have numerous benefits when ingested orally, but not all. In case the essential oil is safe to ingest - add 1 drop of essential oil in a spoon full of honey or olive oil and ingest it. Many in our community also find it suiting in a cup of warm water, spoon of honey and 1 drop essential oil - enjoyed as a cup of tea.


Before trying essential oils, test them on a small skin patch - do not expose under the sun after using I´m Immortelle and if you do it is necessary to wear SPF to avoid stains. Avoid long sun exposure when you use oils on the skin. Always talk to a professional before ingesting essential oils.

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