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I'm Immortelle

I’m immortelle is a philosophical metaphor for the everlasting existence of life through flora and fauna. We believe that turning to natural medicine for healing and preventing is a birthright. Therefor our mission is to extract the best and most powerful essential- & vegetable oils from the most potent plants we can naturally grow and also to study, gather information and to guide everyone who crosses our path into the world of natural medicine.


What is Immortelle?

Immortelle, also known as Helichrysum Italicum, is a Mediterranean plant known for its golden-ratio inspired flowers and rich, complex fragrance. We grow Immortelle with great care in Bosnia & Hercegovina, where the ideal climate and calcareous soil ensure top-quality medicinal plants. At I’m Immortelle, we perform meticulous biodynamic cultivation from the seedling to the final extraction to guarantee pure, organic and top-quality essential oils that tell the story of our Balkan lands. Renowned for its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, this precious essential oil offers endless advantages for your well-being. From wound healing aid and skincare to providing pain-relief. Its natural power enhances rejuvenation and promotes overall wellness. Incorporate Immortelle essential oil into your daily routine to experience its transformative effects.

All our essential oils are certified, pure, organic & top-quality!

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