The Story of I'm Immortelle

Founder of I’m Immortelle, Sasha Kalem, has been investigatin natural medicine and specifically essential oils and their medicinal properties since beginning of 00’s. The reason why was close to heart, his son was struggling with bronchitis, fevers and skin sensitivity and they felt like nothing was helping that was recommended by the doctors. Sasha started his own research in hope of finding a natural solution that would help his son – and he did! Now, many years later, it has helped customers all over the world and we are proud to guide you in the research and use of essential oils and holistic well-being.

Since the launch of I’m Immortelle in 2018, lives and minds have been changed. Through its healing medicinal properties, I’m Immortelle has helped our community with all kinds of issues, diseases and overall enhanced well-being.

The flower Immortelle, that we got our name from, has been shown to not only heal superficial wounds and issues, but also regenerate the nervous system while calming its users with the therapeutic aroma. Immortelle’s flavonoids and terpenes prove especially effective as an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent making it the number one healing essential oil.

We are proud to own the whole process when it comes to our products, from the fields where we grow, harvest and sun-dry the plants, through our distillery to ensure highest quality and then packed and sent to our customers with love. All in our wonderful lands of Herzegovina! The area is also known as the aromatherapy oasis, providing the perfect landscape and environmental conditions for the plants to flourish.

Our mission is to gather all the research and information available about our plants and their benefits and spread the word, together we are turning to nature!

The Philosophy

I’m Immortelle is a philosophical metaphor for the everlasting existence of life through flora and fauna.

At I’m immortelle we believe that turning to natural medicine for healing and prevention is a birthright and our mission is not only to extract the best and most powerful essential oils from the most potent plants we can naturally grow, but also to gather information and to guide anyone who crosses our path into a growing interest for natural medicine.

The philosophy is based on research, analyses, dialogue & discussion, sharing experiences and information. We believe that we, and our community, can be part of a worldwide change in the approach of returning to nature and medicinal plants regarding to our well-being and health. We hope that this might be the key for future generations!

Feel free to share your thoughts or experiences with us!

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