Artemisia Annua

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Artemisia Annua

Original price was: €89,00.Current price is: €71,00.

Artemisia Annua


Discover the Power of Sweet Wormwood!

Embark on a journey into the heart of well-being with Artemisia Annua essential oil, a botanical marvel that transcends the boundaries of time. Artemisia Annua, also known as Sweet Wormwood or Sweet Annie, is a remarkable plant known for its applications in health and medicine. For years, it's been a lifesaver against Malaria, especially in Asia and Africa, where it's used in teas or juices for treatment.

Step into the timeless realm of Artemisia Annua essential oil and let its healing virtues become an integral part of your holistic well-being journey. From ancient healing practices to contemporary wellness rituals, Artemisia Annua invites you to embrace the enduring legacy of nature's gifts and experience the ageless allure of eternal wellness.

What is Sweet Wormwood?

The spotlight shone brighter on this plant in 2015 when Professor Youyou Tu won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. She discovered Artemisinin, a powerful compound in Sweet Wormwood, which is a game-changer in fighting malaria. But that’s not all—recent studies suggest that Artemisia Annua might also help fight viruses and cancer. There’s exciting talk about using it alongside cancer treatments to help decrease the cancer cells and prevent the disease from coming back.

A study highlighted in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences in 2020 gives us even more reasons to pay attention to Artemisia Annua. It’s not just good for treating malaria but also has a lot of other health benefits. This essential oil can help with everything from lowering bad cholesterol, fighting infections to reducing inflammation and possibly even helping with weight loss.


Physical Characteristics of the Plant

The Artemisia Annua plant typically stands at a height ranging from 20-60 cm, boasting a compact, bushy demeanor characterized by numerous branching stems. Its leaves exhibit a distinctive appearance being narrow, elongated and covered in fine silver/gray hairs. This unique foliage adds to the visual allure of the plant, creating a recognizable identity.

During flowering season, Artemisia Annua unveils clusters of tiny, yellow-green blossoms, forming dense, rounded clusters at the tips of its stems, adding vibrancy to the plant's overall composition.

Cultivation & Extraction Process

Thriving in regions with a mild climate, Artemisia Annua finds its ideal home in areas bathed in full sunlight, with well-drained, rocky soils featuring the perfect mix of limestone. This specific environment contributes to the plant's resilience and influences the quality of its essential oil making Bosnia & Herzegovina the ultimate paradise for growing medicinal plants.

Artemisia Annua demands meticulous care in its cultivation and harvesting processes. The essential oil derived from this plant is revered for its medicinal compounds, making it a valuable powerhouse in the realm of natural wellness. However, the specific requirements of the environment, coupled with the intricate harvesting and distilling procedures, contribute to the exclusivity and cost of Artemisia Annua essential oil.

The extraction process involves careful steam distillation, where approximately 1.5 tons of plants are required to yield just one liter of Artemisia Annua essential oil. This labor-intensive process ensures that the oil captures the essence of the plant, containing all the medicinal compounds that contribute to its therapeutic properties.

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