How to Use Mentha Piperita

Topical use

To use Helichrysum essential oil effectively you should integrate it into your daily skincare routine. Apply the essential oil directly on the affected area or by diluting it with a carrier vegetable oil (such as Jojoba or Rosehip). It can also be used in massages, blended with carrier oils or lotion to soothe inflammation and sore muscles.


There are two ways to use Peppermint essential oil through aromatherapy to unlock the benefits:
Deep inhalation: Warm up a drop of Peppermint essential oil between your hands and inhale deeply. This is ideal before sleeping or meditating throughout the day.
Diffuser: Add a few drops of Peppermint essential oil into a diffuser. This is ideal for freshening up the space!

Internal use

 Add 1-2 drops of Peppermint essential oil in a spoon full of honey or olive oil and ingest it. Many in our community also find it suiting in a cup of warm water, spoon of honey and 1 drop essential oil – enjoyed as a cup of tea.

Do not repeat this for more than 7 days in a row.


While essential oils offer numerous benefits for the health, it's very important to use them safely and responsibly. Always perform a patch test on the skin to check for any allergic reactions. Avoid ingesting large quantities of essential oils and always consult with a healthcare professional before using them, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any underlying health conditions. Do not expose under the sun after using I´m Immortelle and if you do it is necessary to wear SPF to avoid stains.

Welcome to Our Guide on How to Use Mentha Piperita

Incorporate the refreshing and invigorating qualities of Mentha Piperita into your holistic wellness routine. From enhancing your mood to addressing digestive discomforts and fortifying your immune defenses, Peppermint stands as a versatile ally on your journey to natural vitality. Explore the possibilities and let Menta Piperita be your aromatic guide to a healthier and more uplifting lifestyle.

What is Peppermint Used For?

Peppermint essential oil, with its energizing and invigorating aroma, serves a multitude of health and wellness purposes.

Energizing & Enhancing Focus:

Adding 1-3 drops of Peppermint essential oil to a diffuser can significantly boost energy levels and improve concentration. This simple practice helps create an environment conducive to productivity and mental clarity in your home or workspace.

Relieving Digestive Discomfort:

Peppermint essential oil is well-known for its soothing effects on the gastrointestinal system. For issues such as indigestion, bloating, and nausea, mix Peppermint essential oil with a carrier oil, such as Jojoba oil. Massage this blend gently over your stomach to ease discomfort and support digestive wellness.

Supporting Respiratory Health:

To aid in respiratory support, especially during cold and allergy seasons, dilute Peppermint essential oil with a carrier oil like Jojoba or Rosehip. Applying this blend to your chest and the back of your neck can help clear nasal passages and relieve congestion, offering a natural method to enhance breathing.

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