Definition & Benefits of Hydrosol

A Hydrosol, also known as hydrolat, floral water, essential water or in some cases essence water, is a co-product of the steam distillation process used to extract essential oils from our plants.

Hydrosols are generally considered gentler than essential oils, making them suitable for a broader range of applications in skincare and aromatherapy for individuals who may be sensitive to concentrated essential oils or find it easier to use a hydrosol instead.

Also, Hydrosols contain water-soluble components of the plant, such as hydrophilic (water-loving) molecules and other active plant constituents. While essential oils have a very strong smell, hydrosols have a more soft and not as complex fragrance.

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The Process of Making Hydrosol

A Hydrosol is crafted through a gentle and eco-conscious method known as steam distillation, a traditional technique cherished for its ability to capture the essence and therapeutic properties of plants without employing harsh chemicals.

This process begins with the placement of the plant material in a distillation chamber, where steam is then introduced. The steam permeates through the plant matter, liberating the delicate oil compounds along with the plant's water-based components. As the steam laden, with the plant essence, it travels through a cooling system and condenses back into a liquid form. This liquid is a mixture of essential oil and hydrosol, which are then separated.

The hydrosol contains the water-soluble parts of the plant's essence, along with a mild concentration of essential oil, giving it a myriad of uses while ensuring it's less concentrated and therefore gentler than the essential oil itself.

The steam distillation process is energy efficient, minimizing environmental impact, and ensuring that the extraction of beneficial plant compounds does not contribute to pollution or waste. This method highlights a harmonious balance between human needs and the natural world, making I’m Immortelle Hydrosol a choice rooted in wellness and eco-consciousness.

The Benefits of a Hydrosol

The hydrosol's gentle yet effective nature makes it an ideal component for skincare routines aimed at calming inflammation on skin, reducing redness, and promoting the healing of scars, acne, and other blemishes. Its hydrating properties ensure that the skin remains moisturized, which is crucial for maintaining the skin's barrier function and overall health. Additionally, it helps to protect the skin from the harmful effects of environmental stressors, such as pollution and UV radiation, contributing to a clearer, more radiant complexion.

Our hydrosol is an excellent alternative to our essential oils since both share the same properties but in smaller amounts. It is gentle, suitable for all ages and skin types soothing and treating the skin in a non-invasive, gentle way.

How to Use a Hydrosol

We at I’m Immortelle want you to be able to apply this product to your every-day skin routine and have, because of this, chosen to package it as a spray for easiest application. Try to spray at a small skin patch first and if no allergy reaction – feel free to spray directly on affected area to soothe. For cooler effect keep the hydrosol in the fridge.

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